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Current status (as of February 2018)

The UBR Task Force completed its two-year self-study, research and model recommendation process in late 2016, and produced over two dozen recommendations. The UBR Steering Committee reviewed and acted on those in early 2017. These decisions covered the allocation of tuition and fee revenue, FACR, undergraduate financial aid and central costs of the university. The Steering Committee also addressed issues not covered by the Task Force recommendations, such as the allocation of unrestricted state funding. The University Budget Office analyzed the implications of these initial decisions and reported its findings to the Steering Committee, senior leadership, and all deans and unit chief business officers. Feedback from these groups and outside consultants was incorporated. The Steering Committee approved a preliminary model in September 2017, which is being implemented for informational purposes only in FY18. 

You can request a summary of work completed and decisions made by the University Budget Redesign Task Force and Steering Committee. Please contact Leslie Brown, Director, Budget and Resource Analysis, at or 804-828-9633.

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